Earthrise: Summer Progress & More

| 19 Jun 2009 01:44

The Earthrise team has sent out a very newsy letter packed with information about the game, various media interviews and screenshot links. Check out what's up for summer below:


As we move into the summer months, we're pleased to report once more on our development progress. While we've been able to show off in-game video and exclusive screenshots in the past few months, we've also been able to take time out to address the rich and vast lore of our developing world. Even though we know there is plenty of work ahead of us, we appreciate all the input we've gotten so far though our current testing and question of the week features.

Right now, our team is focused on implementing the crafting system to ensure players have the possibility to create all items in the game with a great number of crafting skills. The best items will come from crafters and they will have the chance to form a monopoly thanks to the resource extraction system. Many thanks to everyone that came out to the Stratics HoC chat Thursday, May 28th and gave us a chance to expand on the crafting system!

We are also working on AI, sound, and graphical optimizations of the Earthrise engine while making combat system improvements a constant priority. The Earthrise team aims to offer players the best possible experience during combat by combining a unique blend of third person shooter and RPG mechanics.

The final task that remains for the art and level design teams are the territory conquest areas, or so called Concession grounds. Needless to say, we plan to release Earthrise after all promised features are implemented and the Masthead Studios team feels that all features are working properly.

As we continue working to bring Earthrise to life, we hope you will all spread the word to your fellow gamers, extend a welcome to the new community members and keep the discussions going in the official Earthrise forums.

Read the rest of the newsletter HERE.

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