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Fallen Earth: Character Builds & Postcards

| 6 Aug 2009 00:04

As post apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth nears its launch in September 9th, we are treated to fresh information and images this week.

Massively featured a developer diary explaining the character build process, along with several examples from each faction:

Although classless advancement in Fallen Earth gives players more freedom to build the characters they want and level with skills of their choice, learning how to navigate a wide-open system can be a bit daunting for even the most experienced players. With a little help from the dev team and some crib note suggestions, players can learn how to make the most of the classless advancement system.

In Fallen Earth, characters may advance in rank and abilities regardless of their class or faction, and they can do so steadily. For each rank a character gains, players earn 2 AP (20 AP per level). Some APs can also be gained by completing missions, and all APs are spent however the player desires. The resulting system allows players to raise the skills and stats they think are most important for the character they play.

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Additionally, Kotaku featured exclusive postcards showcasing three of Fallen Earth's most renowned locations: Monkeytown, St. Sebastian's and Barrett's Manor:

Yes, scenic Monkeytown, a former animal testing site now inhabited by intelligent talking gorillas who just want to be left alone to farm. Help out the local inhabitants and you might find yourself walking away with a shiny new Monkey Wrench. I can't imagine the developers weren't singing "Funkytown" with altered lyrics the entire time they were building this area. Hell, I'm singing it right now.

Read the rest at Kotaku


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