Atlantica Online: Level Cap Increased

| 23 Sep 2009 22:10

NDoors, the developers of free-2-play MMO Atlantica Online, announced a 10 levels increase in their cap from 120 to 130, in addition to new mercenary class enhancements and zones. Full press release below:


Level-Cap Increase and New Mercenary Class Enhance the Vibrant World of Atlantica Online

LOS ANGELES - September 21, 2009 Ndoors Interactive announced today that with their upcoming update, the level cap for their strategic MMORPG Atlantica Online will increase from 120 to 130. As players strive towards this goal, they'll have a variety of new content at their fingertips, including a new mercenary class and two new dungeons to explore. Additionally, the game is receiving new equipment and an updated craft system. The universe of Atlantica Online continues to expand, upholding the game's status as the best-reviewed free-to-play online game of the year.

Minstrel Paganini is the second of Atlantica Online's three new mercenaries, following last month's Hwarang. Paganini is the first mercenary who can use any type of instrument found in the game. She seeks to avenge her parents, who were cruelly murdered by gangsters, and reclaim their box of keepsakes. While she is a balanced offensive and defensive character, her ability to counter saw-type mercenaries makes her invaluable to the party.

Players who explore the new Vincent Van Gogh dungeon will enter living paintings based on the master artist's work. While battling surreal monsters, players will discover the source of Van Gogh's ultimate madness. As a reward for their conquest, the new set of Dragon God's equipment will grant unique abilities. Experienced players can also seek out the Palace of Night dungeon with its three powerful rulers. Here, players must team up and use both strategy and courage to take down the sub-bosses and clear this challenging dungeon.

In addition to the new content, Atlantica Online will receive an increased magic level cap (70) and crafting level cap (120). A new Equipment Analysis System lets gamers multiply their crafting experience. Finally, Atlas Ore will be replacing Oriharukon Enhance Stones, which promises to do everything Oriharukon does and more!

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