$25 USD Novice Gift Pack Given to Dragon Oath Beta Participants

| 24 Sep 2009 18:51

ChangYou.com is rewarding everyone participating in the Dragon Oath Closed Beta by giving each person a Novice Gift Pack, valued at $25 USD.

This Novice Gift Pack will include:

  • Traveling Bag
  • Grid Box
  • Luxury Blue Capsule
  • Silver Gourd
  • Squirrel Egg
  • Pet Life Tonic
  • Mount: Ostrich
  • Riding: Ostrich
  • Dragon Sphere
  • Rudy
  • Baby Pet Book and more
  • To get in on the Dragon Oath Closed Beta and receive your free key, CLICK HERE! The keys will be available through tomorrow, Friday, September 25th.

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