WoW: How to Make a Murloc Cry

| 20 Oct 2009 23:39

World of Warcraft players with a sadistic need to make baby murlocs cry can do so by purchasing gold or using a power leveling service. *sniffles* Read on!

Don't Buy Gold


Buying gold makes baby murlocs cry. If that isn't enough to dissuade you all by itself, you might be interested in checking out the informational webpage that we put together to make sure players have the facts about the negative impact of purchasing gold and using power-leveling services. Our goal is to shed some light on how these companies operate, share some of the measures we're constantly taking to combat them, raise awareness of the detrimental effects these services have on all players -- not just the buyers -- and help protect members of our community from being targeted by them. So give it a read -- it'll only take a few minutes. And don't buy gold. Because you wouldn't want little Murky's tears on your conscience, would you?

Head to antigold.html to read more.

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