Everquest II: New Achievements

| 29 Oct 2009 02:06

Everyone likes a little notice for their accomplishments in life. Everquest 2 devs recognize this and have introduced new achievements. Find out more!

New Achievements!


The new Achievement system is a great way to track your progress in EQII! You can have everything checked off for bragging rights, or if you're like certain dark elves, because you can't leave a list of items undone! The team has put together a few more Achievements to reward folks who really want a challenge to spice up their game!

What's New!!

Achievements that test your skill in raid and heroic zones in Ruins of Kunark and The Shadow Odyssey. Like to see how far you can get with a few people missing? Think you can do a whole raid with no one dying? How about setting a record for fastest run through a zone?

Now you can do all that and have proof that you did it!

There is a terrific chart of all the achievements and their requirements at the link above.

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