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Everquest: Underfoot's Shining City

| 18 Nov 2009 11:16

As Everquest fans anticipate the imminent launch of the latest expansion, Underfoot, more and more lore is being revealed by the team. Find out about Underfoots shining city, Kernagir. check out WarCry's exclusive screens too!

Underfoot: Unfolding the Lore - Kernagir, The Shining City - Kernagir is also known as the Shining City, where the chosen of Brell Serilis go to live out eternity in Underfoot. It was constructed by the finest craftspeople of Norrath to serve and glorify Brell.

Also in EQ news, we're doing another bonus event. This time it is faction!

EQ Fall Faction Frenzy Event! This season of the harvest it's time to gather together and be thankful with the friendly or less than friendly denizens of Norrath and beyond. From 12noon (PST) Friday, November 20th until 12noon (PST) Monday, November 30th faction hits both positive and negative all across the world will be increased! Gain or lose bonus faction with friends and foes this season!

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