Champions Online Nemesis Lair

| 20 Nov 2009 12:13

Every super hero faces epic battles with their named nemesis. Champions Online devs have created a new 'lair' where players will confront their arch enemies, now teamed up with unimaginable evil. Check it out!


Champions Online is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our first new Lair! The Nemesis Confrontation will test the limits of the strongest heroes, as their Nemeses team up with a darker foe to bring chaos and destruction to the world!

Beginning November 24th, all UNITY heroes will be able to access this new 5-man Lair and attempt to defeat your Nemesis as well as your teammates' Nemeses, culminating in a final showdown against Shadow Destroyer himself. Check out our preview, then head over to the Public Test Server today to try it out before it goes live!

There is a video showing off the lair HERE.

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