WAR-DAoC: 12 Days of Mythic on Twitter

| 7 Dec 2009 23:15

Warhammer Online and Dark Age of Camelot players will enjoy following Mythic on Twitter over the next 12 days as the developers get set to send out prizes to random fans. Find out more!

Ho, ho, ho and Happy Holidays!


The team here at Mythic Entertainment is celebrating the end of a great year and the beginning of the next with 12 days of Mythic! Last Friday we kicked things off with simply a YouTube video and a tweet but now we want to give everyone a chance to join in on the fun!

For the remaining nine days keep an eye on Twitter and follow the @MythicNews account to catch the daily message celebrating each of the 12 days of Mythic on YouTube! Everyday we'll select one lucky winner and send them a present from the team here at Mythic celebrating all of the great games you enjoy.


So what are you waiting for? Todays message is already up and ready to be re-tweeted. Sign up at http://www.twitter.com and follow your favorite Mythic games @MythicNews.

Happy Holidays (and Twittering),

Your friends at Mythic Entertainment

Sounds fun!

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