EVE Devs Gifting "The Zephyr"

| 17 Dec 2009 02:02

EVE Online developers have a little gift sure to thrill the hearts of pod pilots everywhere: The Zephyr, a unique starship design that is utterly green in its propulsion. Check it out!


And here's what makes it unique: It has it's own special probe launcher (for wormholes) and Sleeper NPC's won't shoot it in the same way that all NPCs won't shoot pods. While flying the Zephyr is as easy as a shuttle, using the launcher will require some core probes and training of the skill Astrometrics to level 1. You can find both on the market or get the Astrometrics skill book by doing EVE Online: Dominion's new exploration tutorial.

Beginning Dec 18th 2009, you will find the ability to redeem it on your account login screen. You can then assign it to a particular character and the Intaki Syndicate will deliver it to your hangar bay. You will be able to redeem the holiday ship once per active (not trial) account and will no longer be available after Jan 6th 2010, so make sure you log in to receive yours.

Read more about the Zephyr at the link above.

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