Age of Conan Game Director's Letter

| 1 Feb 2010 17:05

The latest Age of Conan game director's letter has been published at the official site. The letter is a great look ahead at the next update, the expansion and planned improvements. Read more!

This month's letter has been both easy and hard to put together.


We are very busy at the moment preparing a lot of exciting updates, the expansion and one or two things in the 'what comes next category' and finding the time, and something 'new' for the avid forum watchers has been a challenge. We try with these letters to both sum up the recent activity and coming updates and to include some new information and plans, but on this occasion, there is so much out there with the updates and expansion that I'm going to be going over the exciting plans for the next couple of months.

1.06 Inbound

Update 1.06 is getting its final tweaks and adjustments prior to going out to the live servers. It has been great to see the positive reaction to the update on the test servers and all the feedback has been much appreciated.

With Guild Renown, Tier three raiding (including the new raid token system) and the major revamp for assassins there is a lot of great new content and features in 1.06 that we are really looking forward to seeing on the live servers.

The release articles span many pages of text even before the team has produced the final update notes themselves. Giving you all more interesting and enjoyable goals for your gameplay time has been our major target with this update and I think that we are very close to having achieved that. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the rankings systems develop and the competition that ensues as well seeing players enjoying the new content.

There's a lot more to read so head to the link above.

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