DDOU Delivers Free Content in Latest Update

| 3 Feb 2010 18:41


The Best Free-to-Play MMO* Launches Third Major Update


WESTWOOD, MA - February 3, 2010 -- Turbine, Inc. today released the third update to Dungeons & Dragons Online®: Eberron Unlimited™ (DDO Unlimited), the world's best free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Following on the news that it has been named the Best Free-to-Play MMO of 2009, DDO Unlimited's newest update rewards players for their support with several new free high-level dungeons, two new in-game events, the introduction of the new Casual playing mode, and the removal of leveling sigils to allow players unrestricted access all of the free content throughout the game.

"2009 was a phenomenal year for DDO. We launched successfully to critical acclaim and have received several awards that have firmly established DDO Unlimited as the best free-to-play MMO in the world," said Fernando Paiz, Executive Producer of DDO Unlimited. "The best free-to-play game just got better as our first update of 2010 is all about rewarding our players for their support by delivering more free content while also removing the leveling sigils that were required to advance through the game to make it even easier and more fun than ever to play DDO Unlimited!"

The third DDO Unlimited update introduces mind-bending new dungeons, a new play mode, and a lot more, including:

  • More Free Content! -- Players can now access even more free content with removal of leveling sigils from the game and the addition of several high-level dungeons for players up to level 18. These new dungeons will pit players against fearsome enemies including a marilith sorceress, an invading horde of Beholders, a black dragon and more! These new dungeons are free and available for all players immediately.
  • Introducing Casual Mode - The "Solo" difficulty option, previously limited to single characters on select adventures from level 1-6, has been removed and replaced with the new 'Casual' difficulty that is now available for all party-based adventures in DDO. This new setting will allow both solo players and parties to opt for a more casual play experience all the way through DDO's level cap of 20.
  • Win Prizes During Two New Live Events! - Celebrate DDO's fourth birthday by participating in two new in-game events:

    • The Traveler's Scavenger Hunt - All characters in DDO will receive free tickets which can be redeemed in the Stormreach marketplace to gain "Traveler Sight" and participate in the scavenger hunt. While this spell is active, players will see magical objects which they will race to find throughout the market. Players are encouraged to use all of their tickets to maximize their score in the event before turning in a special "Traveler's Blessing" item which will give players a chance to win special grand prize rewards.
    • The Risia Ice Games - Representatives of Risia will bring ice events to the tropic shores of Stormreach and reward daredevil adventurers with recipes and ingredients to craft wonderful winter-themed items. Special Ice Tokens can be acquired by playing the new ski-jump and half-pipe skating mini-games and traded for frost weapons, potions and spells.
  • DDO Store Catalog Expands - Players can now choose from a host of new items and improvements being added to the DDO Store including +1 Lesser Heart of Wood, Snowballs, Ski Lift Hot Cocoa and Candy Cane Ice Skates for the Winter Ice Festival and great specials on Turbine Point bundles. Many more great items will be added to the DDO Store in the weeks and months following Update 3.

For more about this update, check out Jim Moreno's Developer-Guided Tour and read the release notes.

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