Warhammer Online v1.3.4 Is Live

| 23 Feb 2010 20:16

The latest patch version (1.3.4) is now live on all Warhammer Online servers. This particular patch is largely based on community input regarding Scenarios and City Sieges. Find out what all has changed below:


Mythic Entertainment today announced that the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning 1.3.4 patch has gone live. The WAR 1.3.4 patch includes a series of updates including a central focus on the enhancements and streamlining of Scenarios and City Sieges which have been made based directly of off recent community feedback. The scenario and city siege enhancements will include optimization in attaining "critical mass" for all scenarios, provision of a variety of scenarios based on community feedback, and ensuring that the scenarios are conducive to attaining the newly introduced RvR earned weapons.

Other major features that went live from the 1.3.4 patch today include:

  • VFX+SFX Pre-Game Improvements
  • New Scenario Currency
  • Scenario List Optimization
  • Quest Focus - Tier 2 RvR Content
  • Campaign Restarts during stage 2 city siege
  • Career Balance Changes
  • Among other fixes and improvements.

    • Scurvy Dogs Live Event
    • New 6v6 Live Event Scenario: The Ironclad

You can read more about the Scenario & City Siege structure improvements via the recent post by Andy Belford on the Warhammer Online forums.

You can read the full patch notes HERE.

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