EVE: Cool Things In the Works

| 25 Feb 2010 22:02

EVE Online developers are always working to make players' gaming experiences the best ever. This week, they have produced a new blog post entitled "organizational tools, standings and other interesting changes". If that doesn't whet your appetite to read on, nothing will. *g*

Lots of exciting things are happening, including some changes to the way standings work for players. The most important bits are bolded, so scroll down and have a look-see.


Hi everyone, my name is Greyscale, and I'll be your systems designer for various upcoming client changes related to the next EVE release, and tying into the new EVE Gate social network site. Today I'm going to give you an overview of what we've got coming up, how it's going to affect you, and dive into a few changes we're considering for existing systems.

I'm not a web specialist, so I'm going to stick mainly to client-side changes, and let the interweb dudes explain their shenanigans in a later blog. In general though, we're following a mandate to ensure that functionality is comparable in the client and on the web. Pretty much everything I'm describing here will therefore be available in your browser too.

We've got two teams handling the feature work on this project - Team Stonehenge and Team Yggdrasill. Each team is responsible for a particular key feature, and contains a mix of client, server and web programmers, to ensure we can deliver on the web and ingame simultaneously. Both teams have their own QA resources, and a shared design team ensures that everything matches up at both ends.

Anyway, without further goodbye, here's what the teams are working on.

Head to the link above to check out more about each team's project and to see a few screens.

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