Champions Online: Revelations about Revelation

| 11 Mar 2010 13:02

The latest Champions Online 'Ask Cryptic' is online. This time developers specifically asked for and have answered questions about the upcoming free expansion, Revelation. Read on!

Symbea: I think it's fair to say Vibora bay is a great piece of work but as it comes so late I think the lower levels miss out on a really great city. Is a city for lower levels planned after the extremely positive response to Vibora bay?


Chronomancer: The time to create Vibora Bay was considerable, and we know that our players don't want to wait another six months for substantive content and mission updates. So while we don't have current plans for another entirely new city, we're currently working on numerous mission chains across several lower level spans to bolster and continue to smooth the leveling curve. After that, we're creating both new environmental kits and adventure packs that are playable by heroes at nearly any level.

isometry: Until this point CO has had open power selection: from level 26 and onward every character can choose from the entire set of powers with no restriction. Given the new restrictions on Tier 4 powers, does this mean that the future vision of the game has us moving away from the open power selection system and towards more specialized character builds?

KemoJ:The tier 4 powers should be viewed more as a reward or bonus for characters that are theme-focused than a penalty for characters build on the open system. This new content is designed to make themed characters more viable in the game as compared to characters that are selecting the 'best' power from each category. There is no intention (or desire) to turn this into a closed class or archetype system.

There's a lot more to read, so head to the link provided.

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