Everquest 2: Faydwer Faire Arrives

| 13 Mar 2010 02:41

This weekend, Everquest 2 players of good alignment will have the opportunity to hang out in Greater Faydark and participate in the Faydwer Faire activities. Read more!


Antonica has seen the Festival of Unity, the Commonlands has seen the Festival of Discord, now Greater Faydark is getting in the mix! If you're of goodly alignment (or you're looking to fight with Kelethin's finest), come visit the Faydwer Faire in Greater Faydark! This solely player-run event in Kelethin will be a blast, offering up such activities as cookie making contests, RP Dueling, a flying competition and more! The events start on Friday the 12th at 9PM EST / 6PM PST, come join the fun!

Faydwer Faire Schedule of Events: Friday March 12

* 9PM EST/6PM PST - Opening Ceremonies (Location 1)
* 10PM EST/7PM PST - Bard Competition (Location 1)

** For Night Owls, following the Bard Competition a Fortune Teller will be available for readings! (Location 3)

Saturday March 13

* 3PM EST/12 NOON PST - Champions of the Faydark Challenge (To be announced)
* 4PM EST/ 1pm PST - Archery Contest (Location 4)
* 5PM EST/2pm PST - Cookie making contest (Location 5)
* 6PM EST/3PM PST - High Dive (To be announced)
* 8PM EST/5PM PST - Flying competition (To be announced)
* 10PM EST/7pm PST -Date Auction (Location 1)

** For Night Owls, following the Date Auction a Fortune Teller will be available for readings! (Location 3)

Sunday March 14

* 4PM EST/1PM PST - Fortune Teller - will run 3 for hours (Location 5)
* 4PM EST/1PM PST - Newd Newbie Race (To be announced)
* 5PM EST/2PM PST - Hungry Puppy (hunt/scavenge) (Location 5)
* 6PM EST/3PM PST - Candy Eating contest (Location 5)
* 7PM EST/4PM PST - RP Dueling (Location 2)
* 8PM EST/5PM PST - Closing Ceremonies/Wishing Well (Location 1

Head to the official Faydwer Faire page to view an event map!

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