Champions Online: Roper Moving On

| 17 Mar 2010 01:01

Champions Online executive producer Bill Roper has penned his final state of the game letter dealing with the upcoming content expansion, Revelation. Roper will be turning the reins over to Shannon Posniewski as he moves on to "other design responsibilities at Cryptic". Read on!

More Changes on the Horizon


We've been doing a lot over the past few weeks to be more involved with the community, change our development processes to better respond to your feedback, and do whatever we can to continue building Champions into the game we all want it to be. We've made some mistakes along the way, but I continue to be very proud of the dedication, effort, and love this team puts into the game. Champions Online is a much more solid experience than when we launched, and continues to have a great deal of promise and potential to become better and better in the future. I am grateful for the support and passion this community has for it.

Shannon Posniewski, or Poz on the forums, is taking over as Executive Producer on Champions Online as I move to other design responsibilities within Cryptic Studios. Shannon has been with Cryptic since back in the "City of" days, is Director of Game Programming, and has been serving as our lead programmer since before launch. He is an incredible force for getting things done and is tied into the technology of the game while having an earnest desire to work with the community and take Champions to the next level. He's constantly on the forums, so rest assured he's going to see what it is you're looking for.

I am very proud to have Revelation be the addition to Champions Online that bridges my departure with the game's new direction. The upcoming weeks and months are going to be an exciting time for us all, and I can't wait to play what's next.

See you online, Champions!

Read more about the imminent arrival of Revelation at the link above.

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