EVE Online: All About Minerals & Ship Insurance

| 1 Apr 2010 23:21

A new blog has surfaced on the official EVE Online site dealing with lots of significant changes coming with the next update. Among the most important are minerals and ship insurance. Read more below:

And now onto Ship Insurance :o


Ship Insurance is our mechanic by which we compensate you for death, essentially. By risking your ship in combat and giving you some compensation to allow you to get back in space and continue fighting whilst ensuring combat and death and the economy that springs from it, is both meaningful and relatively easy to recover from.

The core principle is you are compensated some of the ISK cost needed to replace your ship. However that payment was based on static ship values decided at the launch of Eve when we set the value of all minerals on the market. Since those days we removed those caps and relied upon the scaled potential supply and demand rates of each mineral source to maintain relative value.

However these supply sources and rates have changed over the years as we added new sources or favourable activities but the insurance values never changed relative to the market cost of your replacement ship. This means you might end up getting more money than is really desired to the extreme of occasionally getting more than the replacement cost of the ship itself making death meaningless and going far beyond the intention of allowing you to pick yourself up again.

So ship insurance will be marked to market?

Yes, ship insurance will now revalue itself periodically based on a trimmed mean of the ship's manufacturing materials global market weighted average prices. This means the insurance quote when you are buying insurance will be now estimated and may change if the payout occurs during the next insurance period.

But there is more to discuss!

Our new insurance system recalculates the value of all ship classes which includes Tech 2 and Tech 3 classes establishing the base material cost of the ship. To this we have added the ability for us to define more precisely how much of the total material value of each ship class should be paid out. Our intention is that we can make certain ship classes pay out much less, some closer to the full value.

Here we can then say that a tackler class which is a highly dangerous role and prone to see you dying a lot might pay out more than say a specialist covert ops class of ship has a higher survival rate. So players who fly the ships with short life expectancies will be more sustainable to fly on lower incomes, and the same can be applied to more casual ship classes such as cruisers or battlecruisers used more by newer players to allow them to get to grips with the game whilst not losing everything constantly.

There's more to read, particularly with regard to minerals. Head to the link above.

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