Star Trek Online Advisory Council

| 7 Apr 2010 20:14

Recently, Cryptic Studios announced that it was forming a Star Trek Online 'advisory council' composed of the game's players. The committee is designed to give feedback to developers about various aspects of the game. Check out more about the council below:

Q: What is the motivation behind the STO Advisory Committee Program?


A: We're not hearing all of our current audience nor are we hearing all of our target audience. How do we hear more? We have well over a 100,000 players that never post on the forums. To be a responsible developer, we must approach these people and listen to their feedback too. Polls, direct emails, newsletters and the Advisory Council are some ways we can better tap this segment of our player base.

Q: How were the original members chosen?

A: The first batch of participants was a starting place decided upon by a social networking firm that works with Atari and Cryptic. They gauged interest, received responses and settled on the current members to initiate the effort.

Q: I would like to apply to join the council. Can I?

A: We are looking at growing the Advisory Committee to include people who are active on our forums. Stay tuned for more information on how you can apply to become a member of the STO Advisory Committee.

Q: Will we see more details on the program in the near future?

A: You want more details and we'll certainly provide more. Like many endeavors, it will grow, change and ultimately take a shape almost entirely governed by Star Trek and STO fans. In other words, it's malleable. We didn't formulate a specific terms of service or code of conduct, etc.

There's more to read so head to the link above.

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