Star Trek Online: Cryptic Talks PvP

| 13 Apr 2010 00:22

Star Trek Online fans were recently asked to submit questions about the game's PvP system. In this installment of "Ask Cryptic", devs have answered several of them. Read on!

Q: Trible_Hunter - Why cant I see ALL friendly ships on my mini map during PVP battle. These ships should be sharing some kinda of situational awareness data between each other.


A: This is a feature we want to add. Ideally, you will see a distinction between your teammates and any allies.

Q: Trible_Hunter - Will we see rewards for people that have healing roles. I notice that in the borg PVE people will heal and assist other players. But in the PVP its every man/woman for themself... A reward for these type of toons would foster a better playing experience for all.

A: We currently track hull healing stats in PvP, and we are currently working on including shield healing to that. Buffing will be harder to track. Once we nail this down we can look into rewards for best supporting players.

Q: Jaruslothran - When will cruisers be able to tank more effectively than a science vessel. [It] seems odd that the tank class can't out tank the support class.

A: Balance is very important for us, and a very high priority. We are currently working on a lot of significant balance changes that should address this and many other issues - for both PvP and PvE.

Devs answer a few more questions, so head to the link above.

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