Alganon 2.0 Features Revealed

| 15 Apr 2010 02:11

The Alganon development team has released new information about "Alganon 2.0" which is scheduled to go live on April 28, 2010. Check it out!

Alganon Version 2.0 Features

Alganon is now Subscription Free. The player must still pay for the client, but after that they can play online without a Fee. The goal is to have a zero barrier entry point for TRYING Alganon. Allow the user to click a button, enter an EMail, receive an EMail, download, install, run, and play.


They will still use the Trial server for this until shortly after release, when the trial system will be converted to allow players to play on the normal production servers. If they like the free entry Trial, then they can spend the one time cost to purchase the client to gain access to the member servers. After that, they can play without a subscription fee, but also have the option of purchasing and using Tribute.

The internal market for Alganon will be web-based. This way they can access via a browser or within the game itself. At launch all merchandise will be in the form of either a Boon, or a physical item that goes into the player's inventory.


A boon is an enhancement that is not tied to an item. You purchase it from the store like an item, but it's immediately applied to a specific character or account. At release boons will revolve around Studies and Study acceleration. Study acceleration is basically a Study Time Purchase. Players will be able to buy one day of study points and allow them to define where those points go.


Many new items are being introduced into the game, which will be available for purchase using Tribute. These items fall into several categories; vanity pets, mounts, potions and elixirs, boxed item-sets, and individual items.


New Starter Areas
Newly created characters will now start in the Temple of Argon (Human Asharr) or Temple of Xukiss (Talrok Kujix) - these zones will introduce players to the lore of Alganon and show them one of the deities "in person." They contain new quests, all new voice-overs and camera pathing which will allow players to get a "fly-by" view of the area.

The Temple of Argon
Known as the Stonesmith of Creation, Argon carved the lands of Alganon from the primordial stone. His temples are great forges, dedicated to the arts of architecture through masonry and smithing. Argon longs for the Alganon of the past, before the destruction of the Colossus Born. His sighs of longing are often heard echoing though the night.


The Temple of Argon, also known as The Forge of Creation, is built upon the following foundation:

  • Patience is the greatest virtue. That which cannot be moved, cannot be displaced.
  • Emotion must always be tempered with wisdom; never act in anger or fear.
  • Alganon is a gift to those who live within it. The Alganon that once was, will be again - in time.

The Temple of Xukiss
The great Seeker of Knowledge, Xukiss is the god of information, knowledge, and study. His thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. He has extended his knowledge beyond the Great Cycle of Life and Death and knows things that not even the gods were meant to know.

The Temple of Xukiss, also known the Hall of Knowledge, guides students with the following teachings:

  • Knowledge is power. Share it only with those who have proven themselves capable of handling such power.
  • Just as information can place one at an advantage, misinformation can place one's enemies at a disadvantage.
    Nothing is impossible. There is always another way. Seek it out.


World Instances
Alganon Version 2.0 will feature our first release of instanced content. These instances will allow parties of brave adventurers to tackle advanced content with challenging boss encounters and exciting new loot! There are new quests to complete, new places to explore and new creatures to test the mettle of players of every level. New artificial intelligence (AI) and all-new monster actions will challenge the adventurer and provide a compelling and re-playable experience.

Howling Foothills Instance Hub

In the mountains just southeast of the Grok Ruins in the foothills is a newly forming Gnoll encampment. Kneebiter, a
young, aggressive gnoll chief has taken control of the Grok Gnolls and is looking to start his own tribe of gnolls.

Location: Asheran
Grok Foothills
Level: 8-12
Bosses: Underbite, Wargrowl
Ceremonial Grounds
Level: 12-15
Bosses:Festertongue, Shaman Howltooth
Kneebiter's Fall
Level: 12-15
Bosses: Gnollchief Kneebiter

Temple of Balam'karr Instance Hub

The Stone Hammer clan has transformed the big black rock known as Balam's Thumb into a false idol. They believe it to be the thumb of a Colossus-born known as Balam who was punished by the gods by having his thumbs cut off so that he could never again longer wield a blade. When the gods destroyed the Colossus-born, Balam was turned to stone and shattered into millions of pieces.

They have built a temple in the nearby mountains (east of Cleft Rock and Stone Tent) and plan to move the rock to that location - they plan to assemble (Karr) Balam.

Location: Xanjuis Plains
The Inner Sanctum
Level: 8-12
Bosses: Rockhugger, Stonewarden Argus
The Lower Temple
Level: 12-15
Bosses: Tork Skittercatch,Rock Priest Hammerface,Chieftain Stonehammer


Lethe Caves Instance Hub
Coven, human worshipers of Kujix gods have a stronghold in Asheran Forest.

Location: Asheran
The Bone Dens
Level: 16-20
Bosses: Bonewarden Gargamell, Fallen Sun Brutas
Summoning Circle
Level: 19-23
Bosses: Shade of Skajix, The Avatar of Death

Bur Clasp Instance Hub
Massive Strip Mines created by Talrok, now overrun by Ogran and Nidgit. The Nidgit have even started to raise Bonecrushers here to help them mine.

Location: Xanjuis Plains
The Big Dig
Level: 16-20
Bosses: Bugsalaag'mik, Gaaliba'kunk
Northern Dig
Level: 19-23
Bosses: Krash'dunn

Lusha'aton Instance Hub
Mother A'tun, leader of the Lusha - and the only Lusha who still has a voice - rules over her sisters and controls the Tempest.

Location: Xanjuis Plains
Temple of the Tempest
Level: 23-25
Bosses: Sister Stormscale, The Tempest
Mother's Chambers
Level: 30-32
Bosses: Mother Aton

Warfiend Karr Instance Hub
This keep is currently under control of the Skik and is under assault by Aevon Boneblade's army - neither one
welcomes the presence of adventurers.

Location: Haggon Marsh
The Barbican
Level: 44-46
Bosses: Gatekeeper Kuxx, Stonebelly Jaxx
The Baily
Level: 47-50
Warcaller Darrg
Beastkeeper Lox
Aevon Boneblade
The Keep
Level: 50+
Bosses: Shorax & Arkuk, Keeper Tollj, Warlord Ha'skik


User Interface
The UI has received a face lift for this release of Alganon. We've completely re-done the artwork and overhauled the interface to provide a more unique and distinct feel for Alganon. The interface is now highly customizable by the user, and provides a means to organize interface elements in any way the individual desires. In addition, millisecond accurate timestamps will allow players to analyze their combat (and other) chat logs to optimize their play style and combat effectiveness. Game mod developers can now create modifications for the lganon UI, and we've provided a robust API for 3rd party developers to utilize. Players can also now capture screen-shots in a variety of file formats from within the game interface.

Our character creation system has also received a major upgrade, players will now be guided through an on-screen wizard to aid in the creation of new characters. This new system provides plenty of descriptions to aid in making decisions during the creation process, everything from race, to family, to class is clearly explained by the new wizard.

NPC Navigation and Pathfinding
We've implemented a brand new Navigation and Pathfinding system for the monsters and non-player characters (NPCs) in Alganon. This new system allows these creatures to intelligently navigate through the world, whether in pursuit of players or as they go on about their daily business.

The new system allows them to traverse complex geometry at any elevation in the world. Gone are the days where monsters will attack you from underground, or run through rocks and trees to pursue the unwitting adventurer!

Networking Upgrade

  • The network transport layer has been heavily revamped.
  • Load Times Decreased: The asset packing system (.PAK) has been completely reworked and the result is a great reduction in the time it takes to load Alganon. While load times vary widely between different systems, we've seen load times decrease by as much as 4x.
  • Item Linking: Players can now link items in our chat system. Did you just pick up a great new sword? Tell your friends and guild-mates about it by linking the
    item in guild chat by simple Shift-Clicking the item in your inventory, or in a loot box. Your friends will be able to click the link and see exactly what
    you see when you hover over the item with your mouse pointer.
  • Gameplay Enhancements: Many enhancements to gameplay have been added, and existing functionality has been improved.
  • All resurrection spells now have a confirmation dialog box before the resurrection completes
  • Players will be happy to note that there is a new crosshair on the map to help them find themselves. Geographically, at least Zircon is now available to harvest by Miners who seek it
  • A Tooltip will now display to show the player who is looting a chest when in a group
  • Arrow Keys are now secondary movement keys by default. Players can now click on the Quest Tracker to switch which quest is being tracked in the Minimap
  • Players can now toggle the display of party member locations on the Minimap
  • The mouse wheel now scrolls certain user interface elements when the mouse is over them
  • Characters now automatically switch targets when they are attacked by multiple MOBs and defeat one
  • Players can now share Quests by using the Share button in the Quest Log
  • A Loot Roll method has been added to settle those disputes on who gets the uncommon and rare items in a group
    Mouse Button 3 and 4 are now mappable key bindings
  • Various footstep sound effects have been added to reflect the type of ground the player is walking on
  • Players can now move items between their bank and inventory by right clicking on them
  • New Kujix quests have been added in the 37-39 level range. Players can seek out Karziux in Xanjuix Karr
  • By player request we have implemented a UI Scale slider in the Interface Options menu
  • Players can now bind a Sheath key to draw or sheathe their weapons
  • Added Parry and Dodge animations
  • Animation blending has been implemented, go ahead, wave from a mount. Just don't fall off
  • The Creator's name will now display in the tooltip for player-made items
  • Added durability repair costs
  • Buffs and Debuffs now persist through character sessions


Website Upgrade
To go along with our new UI we've redesigned our website to provide a new look and feel which closely resembles the look of the new in-game user interface. There is also great new functionality that has been added to the site. Players will be able to purchase Tribute through the online Tribute Market System. We've also added several great new community features on the front page, a Server Status monitor, a Recent Level Ups section that will track the community in real-time and show recent progress made by our players, and a Characters section that will announce to the world whenever a new character is created on any of the live servers. The new website will greatly enhance the user experience by adding a new, easy-to-use navigation system that will allow visitors to the site to find the information they are looking for immediately.

Game Trial
The game's seven day trial is the same build as the actual game itself. This allows players to experience the game. The goals of the trial is to provide players who are new to Alganon to experience the game, see the best features, and decide if they want to purchase the game client or not.

Accessing the MyAlganon page or logging into the game tells players how many days they have left in the trial. Previously trial players were on a different server. This made it necessary for trial players to pay to have their characters transferred to production servers. In the official release, all trial players will be on the same production servers as paid players.

Trial Restrictions

  • /trade can only work if both players are mutual friends.
  • /invite will only work if both players are mutual friends.
  • Guilds are disabled. So no guild chat.
  • Limited Studies: Players cannot study above Rank 3 in any study. This requires gamers to spread out and study many things.
  • Limited Tradeskills: Players can not get above 199 in a tradeskill. They can get a taste of crafting, and see the top recipes on the servers, but they can't experience the full game.
  • Limited Events
  • Trial Popup Notifications
  • To remove these restrictions and become part of the lore upgrade trial players are encouraged to purchase the full game client.
  • You are currently logged into a trial server. The following restrictions exist for this server:
  • Trades and Party Invites are restricted to mutual friends.
  • Guilds have been disabled.
  • You may not advance beyond level 3 in any study.
  • You may not gain more than 199 points in any tradeskill.
  • * Actions do not count toward official contests, events, or lore.

Tired yet? Do NOT count Alganon out yet! Be sure to check it out on the 28th!

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